Douglas Armstrong's Novel Life on The Sun “Authentic…frenzied…suspenseful...”
-- Ted Hertel, Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine



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Life on The Sun
Douglas Armstrong’s new novel “Life on The Sun” spans ten days of anger and confusion in a bygone era of love beads, tear gas, and manual typewriters. It’s July 1967, and war is raging in Vietnam. In the aftermath of a suspicious fire that has killed a famous war protester, three headstrong strangers—a rookie newspaper reporter, a veteran rewrite man, and the antiwar martyr’s bereaved girlfriend—clash as the mystery of his murder unfolds in their revolving viewpoints. This sometimes darkly comic novel, set against the eccentric inner workings of a metropolitan daily newspaper, is a remembrance of tumultuous times when lives were disrupted or destroyed by war’s far-reaching consequences.


See Inside “Charming, compelling, masterfully
-   Meg Kissinger, Journal Sentinel



Award Winner!
Wisconsin Writer Awards Best Novel 2010

Even Sunflowers Cast Shadows
Emma Starkey is a spunky little girl trying hard to be charitable and virtuous. But her calculated attempts have a way of backfiring with tumultuous consequences in Douglas Armstrong’s poignant story of small-town life in 1920s Kansas. As Emma’s grandmother wryly observes, “Even sunflowers cast shadows.” The novel recaptures a faded moment in time when innocence could still be lost grudgingly.

“This fine novel, full of luscious surprises and humor, is rooted deep in the soil of Kansas and deep in a subtle knowledge of children and grown people. I love that smart and good-bad Emma!”

—Martha Bergland, Author of A Farm Under a Lake and Idle Curiosity

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